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Alighieri Old Town

The Alighieri Old Town was founded on August 1st 2020, in honour of celebrating friendships and reuniting communities. 

The year of 2020 had been uncertain thus far, hindering friends and family from embracing, meeting for a drink or even going to work. Born out of this unusual period, the Alighieri Old Town marked the beginning of a new time, bringing loved ones together to reunite, shop, dine and explore in an old Italian Piazza placed in the centre of London City until August 22nd 2020. 

On an unassuming street lay Dingley Place, the entrance to the Italian utopia. Members of the Alighieri community old and new, had to book in their exclusive slots to ensure they received a coveted ticket on time. 

Whilst some picked up post-cards to write to their friends of their adventure in the Italian Piazza, others sat on the archway steps and sipped on an aperitivo. Chains and charms adorned the walls of the rickety Alighieri Shop Front, glistening in the sun shining in from the outdoor terrace where guests dined at Casa Luna.