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The Arno Bangle — Regular price £350.00

The Arno Bangle is handcrafted from 24ct gold plated bronze in Hatton Garden, London. 

6.4cm in length (inside), 7.8cm in length (outside)
6.0cm in width (inside), 7.4cm in width (outside)
7.9 grams

The Lost Dreamer Collection explores the role of dreaming in times when realities seem like 
surreal nightmares. Dante looks to art, music, and storytelling as a means of escapism.

He writes himself into the poem, waking up in a dark wood, faced with beasts so terrifying that even the air trembles in fear, and writes himself out of it, when he climbs up the Mountain of Purgatory towards a stellar landscape.

Sometimes these reveries are magical, and at other times haunting; some sites so petrifying that they cause him to lose consciousness, others so magical that they feel like illusion. The line between reality and dreaming is blurred. His odyssey is mystical yet painfully human - so the reader is unsure what is real and what is a story.

The constant tension between light and dark, real and imaginary, is the context for Alighieri’s Lost Dreamer Collection, which embraces the magical ambiguity of sometimes not quite knowing which is which. 

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