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Eugenie Trochu's Christmas Wishlist

This Christmas, we asked some of our favourite Alighieri muses to curate a wish list of pieces they would like under their tree. Fashion Editor of, Eugenie Trochu is a force of nature; she’s been championing our story in Paris since we began. Her energy and joy, not to mention sense of humour are a constant source of inspiration. These are the pieces she has chosen. 

Hoops have been my favourite type of earring since my childhood, but my mother used to say they were common. Since working in fashion, I saw everyone wearing hoops and I obviously adopted the trend. (Sorry maman!) These ones are a good compromise between my point of view and my mother’s, because they are beautifully worked, with an antique twist, which making them so precious !

I’m not a ring person, for the last  few years  I’ve only been wearing a couple of delicate pieces. One that came from my grandmother and great grandmother. (Namely, one with little pearls which I lost during fashion week, then found back thanks to Instagram.) But since about a month, I’ve been dying for rings, I want to wear a stacks, one each finger, like a true modern bohemian. So when I so this one with the little raw diamond I fall in love...

As I do with rings, I usually only wear fine chains,  like the Alighieri Lion ( yes I’m in the club too); but when i saw this choker, I wanted to be a stronger woman, with a big chain around her neck! I don’t know, maybe my life change direction now, but I want more power, more fierce, more choker !