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Luke Day's Christmas Wishlist

This Christmas, we asked some of our favourite Alighieri muses to curate a wish list of pieces they would like under their tree. Editor of British GQ Style, and Fashion Director at British GQ Luke Day.

I love symbolic, personal jewellery which can reveal your character. I was born in the year of the Fire Dragon which is the most energetic, passionate and dynamic of the Dragon types.


I love earrings on men, especially that salty seadog vibe. Hoop earrings were popular with sailors years ago, who believed that they would guarantee them a decent burial if they die at sea and be washed up on shore.

Charming a Scorpio man can a challenge as they can be quite enigmatic, but mystery is all part of the game. Maybe this charm for Scorpio will help us be more intuitive and feel our emotions powerfully.