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The Floating Questions Collection

The Floating Questions Collection explores In the eighth circle of the Inferno, Dante encounters Ulisse, (Ulysses - the old Italian name for Homer’s Odysseus). A bold and magnanimous figure, Ulysses passionately tells of his desire to explore the world, in his boat.
His curiosity, and insatiable longing for knowledge, experience and adventure lead him to his aquatic demise. Dante admonishes this great soul for going too far, for not recognising the limits of his intellect. Scholars have commented that in writing the “Divine Comedy” Dante, too, is much like Ulysses. He pursues this unprecedented narrative, a daring endeavour, without fear or bounds.
Both Ulysses and Dante are explorers; they have many questions, some of which floated and remain unanswered.
The Floating Questions Collection explores the passion to explore, the desire to go beyond Herculean pillars in pursuit of adventure - sometimes even to one’s demise.