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Apollo's Dance // Pre-Order — Regular price £170.00

Please note, Apollo's Dance is available for pre-order as part of the No More Tears collection and will be shipped week commencing 20th of May.

This collection is a treasure trove of armour: little emblems of protection, in the form of sculptural hands and Sicilian bleeding hearts, along with gilded chain vests, belts with small tools clipped on, and of course , glass vessels, to fill with adventures to come.” - Rosh Mahtani

O buono Appollo, a l’ultimo lavoro
fammi del tuo valor si fatto vaso,
come dimandi a dar l’amato alloro

O good Apollo, for his last labour
make me a vessel worthy
of the gift of your beloved laurel.

Paradiso, canto i

For Dante, poetry was his armour and solace. He calls to Apollo, the God of all things creative, asking him to make him worthy of the journey, as he enters the first circle of Paradiso. The baroque pearl of the Apollo’s Dance Hair Clip harks back to Bernini’s marble sculpture of Apollo and Daphne; it is the power of art, to counterbalance the gilded tear. The Hair Clip represents the strength to be found in poetry and stories, to ward away tears.

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