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Hair Clips

The Moonlit Gaze Hair Slide

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This collection is a treasure trove of armour: little emblems of protection, in the form of sculptural hands and Sicilian bleeding hearts, along with gilded chain vests, belts with small tools clipped on, and of course, glass vessels, to fill with adventures to come.” - Rosh Mahtani

“La luna, quasi a mezza notte tarda,
facea le stelle a noi parer piu rade
fatta com’ un secchion che tuttor arda;”

Still brilliant after midnight, the moon,
like a fiery bucket, was shining,
making the stars seem fewer than they were;

Purgatorio, canto xviii

Poets have long looked to the moon for solace and inspiration alike; Dante was no exception. On the mountain of Purgatorio , he refers to it as a fiery bucket, so luminous it made the stars pale in comparison. The Moonlit Gaze Hair Slide is an ode to the magnificent comfort and romance provided by all things lunar, as we travel on a journeys through the night.

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